Best artist ever!  名無しのチンポップ  2019-12-17[ del ]

Never mind,for now is just enough for me.Anyway really appreciate ur bondage arts and hope to see more in the future!!! ヾ(°∇°)ノ゙  名無しのチンポップ  2019-07-21[ del ]

Thank you. I can not promise, but I will do my best.  名無しのチンポップ  2019-07-21[ del ]

PS:Sorry to bother u for my personal preference.  名無しのチンポップ  2019-07-21[ del ]

Haven't seen ur kancolle bondage art for a long time,will it be possible to see hamakaze's shibari art in the furture?I really like her. :D  名無しのチンポップ  2019-07-21[ del ]